The Heythrop Association’s charitable purpose is expressed as a series of ‘objects’ that are part of its formal Constitution. The objects are for the advancement of education for the public benefit, especially within the disciplines of Theology and Philosophy, by:

  • promoting the study of Theology and Philosophy between members, and in the wider world, by arranging seminars, study days and other events;
  • encouraging an exchange of ideas and information between members and others interested in Theology and Philosophy through regular communications;
  • arranging social opportunities for members to hear, exchange, debate, and appreciate the ideas of others in the disciplines of Theology and Philosophy;
  • providing a forum in which those connected with Heythrop College, University of London, and those interested in the work of the former College, can continue an advancement of the disciplines of Theology and Philosophy through events and communications, between themselves and for the public benefit.

The Trustees are actively considering how best to enact these objectives and will present their proposals in due course. We would welcome suggestions from the Association’s Members. Please click on this link to request a Member Survey questionnaire.

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