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Stan Marut

MA in Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue 2002 – 2005 MA in Philosophy and Religion 2005 – 2007
In 1999 aged just 51 there came a moment in my life when I needed the challenge of academia to give me a necessary focus. I could have taken any course, perhaps plumbing, but I was drawn first to the Birkbeck College Diploma in Theology. Three years later my Diploma achieved and having got firmly into religious studies, I wanted the challenge of taking this a stage further by way of postgraduate study.
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Stephen Balogh

MA in Christian Theology 2013 – 2015
For me, arrival at Kensington Square for the post-grad induction day in 2013 represented the convergence of several threads in my life: the desire to return to higher education after a 25-year business career; to study Theology; to follow in my beloved Godmother’s footsteps as a Heythrop graduate herself; as a constructive act of partial catharsis after being widowed the year before.
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Henry Lawson

Philosophy and Theology BA 1989
I arrived at Heythrop having gone though clearing in the Summer of 1989. I was sad that I had been diverted from my main love of history, but I compensated for this by discovering the exciting world of Applied Ethics, which was taught by Alan Carter. I also made a good friend from Dorset who was a refreshing change from the rather staid Conservative background I had come from. I later studied political philosophy under the same teacher which was enjoyable.
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