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Antonino Surace

BA and MA in Philosophy
1999 – 2005

Georgina Beadon

BA in Philosophy

Leonard Brown


James Hynes


Sahaya Gnanaselvam Antony

MA Psychology of Religion; PhD
2008 – 2012

Raymond Choo


Jane Petkovic

Dip. Th.; M.Th.

Colette Joyce

MA Philosophy and Religion
1998 – 2000

Christopher F. McDermott

MA Philosophy and Religion
2004 – 2006

Isabelle Vernet

MA Christian Spirituality
2007 – 2008

I am working at Missio (APF – The Association for the Propagation of the Faith) as IT Manager since 2014. My love for logic, thrived while at Heythrop, directed me towards the fascinating world of IT and computer science This united with the lovable Christian oxygen breathed in the college made me a suitable candidate for this post. I really hope to be able to get to retirement without further change. I feel I can really make the difference here and give a little contribution to the Pope’s own mission society.

I am now a Mental Health Commissioner in South East Essex and a Psychotherapist. After Heythrop, I went on to do an MSc in Psychotherapy and now specialise in working with people who experience health inequalities and social exclusion such as those involved in sex work or with a history of rough sleeping. I run a national Community of Practice for clinicians supporting rough sleepers and am currently in the process of applying for my PhD.
Studying Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology and Ethics gave me such a good grounding for my subsequent roles. I’ve also taught Psychotherapeutic theory and social studies and bringing in questions about what the ‘good life’ is for students is often very novel to them. But an imperative question for any counsellor to answer for themselves before they seek to help guide others towards their conception of a good life.

Although I complained about the pressure of the high level of academic studies at Heythrop during the first year of my MA in The Three Abrahamic Religions, I found that I missed the intellectual stimulus of the course. So, I have now completed the first year of an MA in Middle East Studies at SOAS with a major on Jerusalem a Divided City.
This has provided exactly what I needed after retiring just before my eightieth birthday and I thank the great tutors at Heythrop for getting me back into the habit of studying.

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I’m living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. I’m practising as a spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition, and also as a Spiritual Gifts Counsellor with the Catherine of Siena Institute. I’m married to Gail Parker Hynes, who is a nurse in cardiology.

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I am in Nairobi, Kenya. After my graduation from Heythrop in 2012, I worked in full-time academic administration at Tangaza University College. From the middle of 2020, I am engaged in launching a set of programmes at Don Bosco Youth Educational Service:
1. Pedagogue.21 – in-service training for teachers at secondary and tertiary institutions in teaching and learning in the 21st century;
2. DONUM – Don Bosco Ujiinue Microcredits – offering small loans for young (aged 18 to 35) for small business;
3. Christian Psychspiritual Therapy Training
4. Psychological services to schools – with a pool of interns offering counselling services in schools in our neighbourhood.

I am based in Singapore and in full-time employment in the private sector. I serve in the local parish as a Lay Reader (LLM), assisting the clergy in leading the worship service, celebrating the Eucharist, preaching and teaching the youth.
I volunteer at the local psychiatric rehabilitation centre which houses the residential and day clients who are PMHI. I also visit the inmates at the penitentiary and befriend those who would be released to provide aftercare support. I am currently pursuing my MA (TMM) at Queen’s Foundation Birmingham.

I received a Dip.Th. from Heythrop in 2002, and an M.Th. in 2003. I continued my studies and was awarded a PhD in theology from King’s College London in 2018. I have just had a book published, based on my doctoral thesis, by Wipf and Stock, called “Body-Poetics of the Virgin Mary” (link below). The book extends some of John Paul II’s insights from his theology of the body to the Holy Mother, particularly his reliance on the metaphor of “reading” the body.

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Justice and Peace Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Westminster.

I am currently the Lead Chaplain at the University of Sussex, Brighton and a Ph.D researcher, reflecting on the experience of dual religious belonging and the dialogue around Buddhist Christian identity through the lenses of the philosopher Gillian Rose, her understanding of speculative thinking in Hegel and her concept of ‘the Broken Middle’. I am also an honorary assistant priest in the parish of St. Nicholas of Myra, Brighton.
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Spiritual Counsellor at EHL (, Lausanne, Switzerland

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